Monday, January 18, 2021

Life Is Hard Sometimes - But We Have Each Other

Dear Clients,

This is a letter to thank you.

For years, I have lived in full passion.

I have chosen right now over everything else. I have lived for the present. And I have been grateful.

But recently, I went through some personal stuff in my family and it was hard.

I found myself dwelling on dark experiences from my past - experiences I do not want to think about. They are in the past. They do not determine my present or future.

Being aware of this didn't help. So, I knew I was going through a bit of depression.

Typical for me, my reaction was to suddenly become numb.

This can be done with alcohol and drugs, but some of us don't even need it. Our numbness is automatic and comes from years of practice.

It is a defense mechanism that some of you may be very familiar with. It makes you feel... nothing.

Numbness kills the bad feelings but also the good feelings too.

There is only one way to get out of the numbness... 


At times like this, I look for experiences that make me feel alive!

I think of ways to feel again.

At times like this, I love my work because...

In your arms I will feel...



Despite going through years of health issues that made a normal life impossible; I always knew, without a doubt, that one day I would have my life back. 

I promised myself that when I did, I would never take my life for granted again.

I knew then and I know now that being numb is a waste of life.

I know, from experience... from learning the hard way... I know that life is meant to be lived to the mother fucking fullest.

Through my work,
I offer the same thing that you offer me.

Moments of pleasure. 

Moments of "right now."

You give me that.

For the moments we are together, you give me freedom from the whatever life is throwing my way.

You bring me out of it.

Your touch and your smile... they fill me up. 

For the brief time we are together, I am present. 

I want to thank you for that.

Together we can escape the aches and pains of our regular lives. We can find...

A respite from reality.

A window into fantasy.

A naked hug; a relaxing rub; a place to be "enough."

This is the beauty of human connection.

And I am very grateful to have you. xo

Love Annie

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  1. Ah..the convergence of shared emotions that most are ashamed of as well have to hide for being both judged and misunderstood. What I once called demons finding a path to be able to cognitively sperate the actual from the self imposed in our minds and hearts takes courage, faith, truth of ones self and understanding from within. I admire your openness, honesty and freedom of simplicity and love that you share with all that care to open their eyes; but especially their minds. Thank you Annie I adore you XXOXOOXOXOXO Jamie

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and kind words! XOXOXO


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