Friday, January 22, 2021

Please Take My "Help Me Serve You Better" Survey

It's a new year and every business should evaluate their strategies and protocols at least annually.

So, today I'm asking you to complete this short survey which will help me serve you better.

This survey will help me: 

  • know where to put my marketing efforts in reaching my favourite clients,
  • find out how you feel about physical features in ad or website photos which may be different when you meet in person,
  • identify the best work hours for my favourite clients, and
  • the most important thing I want to know... What keeps you coming back for more?

As you can see, it is a very short survey, but the answers are very meaningful.

I've also left a space at the end to share your name if you are a regular and feel safe to do so. Otherwise, please be assured that this survey is 100% confidential.

Advertising and Social Media

One of my New Year's resolutions is to cut back on social media.

I am already accomplishing that a lot!

The only downside is that when I do go on, I have so many notifications!

I also disabled my Instagram account because I didn't feel like it was helping my business.

It was just one more platform to update.

However, if my survey shows that a lot of you found me through Instagram, then I may decide to reactivate it.

Twitter is a platform I'd love to get rid of! It's just not that enjoyable for me. But I believe it gets me a fair amount of traffic to my site.

Facebook is where I show all my true colours and I will only add clients who I feel a connection with and trust. 

I understand most married clients would rather not be my friend on Facebook anyway.

But I enjoy Facebook the most out of my social media accounts. I like seeing people's baby photos and hearing their rants on issues that matter to them.

Facebook gives me a chance to get to know someone in a way that meeting in person never could. It's a window into people's minds, which is fascinating to me.

However, I spend too much time on Facebook and it continues to the be a platform I over-indulge on. 

Sometimes I just want to deactivate them all. And maybe... just maybe I will do that this year. 

I will have to see my survey results!

My Hair

As some of you know, I have been growing out my hair. It was very short when I started doing sensual massage over two years ago.

The photos you see on my site are of me wearing different wigs, mostly.

However, I have recently begun to wear my natural hair for clients I have a real connection with. (only two so far)

I am not planning to get rid of my wigs any time soon, but I am thinking about slowing phasing them out as my hair grows.

Having my natural hair for bookings will give me more freedom in my sessions, depending on the client. This is something I can discuss in person with you.

For many of you, I'm suspect hair is not a big deal. I've had my hair many which ways over the past 23 years in the adult entertainment business. 

My favourite clients have been loyal through every hair phase... THANK YOU! 

But I also know that "catfishing" is a thing that clients get really uptight about. They want their provider to look the same at the door as they do in their ad.

I will be sharing photos of me with my natural hair very soon. However, I will want to continue to use my older photos too.

I like to recycle photos to keep things fresh on my blog. I can't do photo shoots every week!

So, you tell me... Do you care about hair?

The answers to this question will help me decide how to move forward on my hair issue. And whether, perhaps, I should keep the wig indefinitely.   

Hours of Availability

Currently, I work days between 10 am and 4 pm, for the most part. 

I work on weekends too, so that people who work 9-5, Monday to Friday, can still book sessions on their days off.

Are these hours working for you?

What is the best time of day for you to see a provider?

The answers to this question may determine if I adjust my availability.

What Keeps You Coming Back for More?

My favourite clients are my regulars who I have grown to care deeply about.

I look so forward to our sessions because we have already established trust and respect.

That is not to say I don't enjoy new clients too. I do!

In fact, I am sometimes surprised how quick a connection I can feel the first time a client visits me.

But my regulars... YOU are my favourite clients. I love having you in my life and look so forward to our sessions.

So, I want to ask you: What keeps you coming back for more?

This question can be answered by anyone who has seen a provider more than once - not just clients who have seen me.

I am most excited to learn these answers. Perhaps it will change how I do business in some way?!

I love growing and improving in all areas of my life.

Help me grow and improve!

Please take my survey at this link:

This next photo... NOT a new service I offer! I DO NOT offer BJ's in my massage practice.

Read the caption to find out the story behind this  photo.

This is not the original but a re-enactment with my photographer...

Can you believe, I had a client pay me
$100 to take a photo like this. My
mouth did not make contact!
But it sure is a sexy photo,
don't you think?

Thank you in advance to everyone who takes my survey!

I hope to hear from you soon. xoxo

Love Annie

Text or Email today!

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