Saturday, February 20, 2021

An Ode to Client Friends

I am a busy person; maybe you can relate.

I have children, work, housework, grocery shopping, meal preparing, homework to help with, and the most important thing: quality time with my children and partner.

I admit, my days are full.

I don't have much time for friends. In fact, I rarely see anyone outside of my family or work. Which is why I am so grateful for my regulars.

You are my friends.

Some people probably don't think men and women can be friends.

I disagree.

Friendship is not determined by presence or absence of sexual engagement. My partner is my best friend and we do it a lot! 

Some of my clients tell me their wives are their best friends, but they hardly ever do it!

Just because YOU AND I have a naked hug and a happy ending together, doesn't mean we don't connect on an emotional level too.

In fact, I bounce ideas off of my regulars and share my woes with you. I appreciate your friendship so much. You are really, truly there for me when I need a friend.

I hope you feel the same about me. xo

In honour of clients I consider friends, I wrote this silly, fun ode:



You could have been a stinky jerk.

Instead, you made me want to twerk.

Your touch, your naked skin on mine,

Aroused me, as we intertwined.

We talked, we laughed, we played, we danced.

You came. You left. But you came back.

Your texts: I'm giggling at my phone.

I think of you when I'm alone.

You know who you are. I've told you before.

You're cool as fuck being friends with a whore. ;)

You make my day, my week, my month.

You gently worship at my cunt.

So, cheers to client friends! You're dear.

I love to watch us in the mirror.

Your cock so hard. My hands so tiny.

The oil makes our bodies shiny.

Our chats are what I love the most.

Oh that, and when you suck my toes.

Okay, I love the teasing too.

And orgasms are great with you.

I love that you are in my life.

It's innocent... (don't leave your wife.) 

Our friendship is unique, for sure!

It's healthy... it's a fucking cure!

A cure for touch starvation, right?

A cure for living a mundane life.

You are my cure, as well, my friend.

You put this roof over my head.

You're helping me pay off my debt!

Your naked hugs are just the best.

So, cheers to client friends... Hurray!

You cheer me up, make me come, and you pay!

And though we may not often play,

You are my dear friend every day.

Love Annie

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