Sunday, February 7, 2021

"Help Me Serve You Better" Survey Results

A few weeks ago, I asked subscribers to take a survey to help me serve you better.

The survey was a great success!

Thank you to everyone who participated. xoxo

Here are the results...

My first question was about how you found me.

How did you find me and my website?

My goal is to tighten up my marketing strategies and drop the promotional efforts that aren't helping me.

I had my suspicions about how these numbers would play out and I was correct about almost everything!

#1. Leolist

63% of you said that you found me through Leolist. Thank you! Now, I don't feel so bad for spending money on that platform. LOL

#2. Twitter

18% of you said that you found me on Twitter! I am so bad at Twitter, but this gives me a new reason to get more comfortable with it. You can find my twitter at @tntannie

#3. Other

This is the one that surprised me!

12% of you didn't find me online.

When I read your comments, it became clear that you found me through real life.

You "others" found me in the strip club before I started working out of an in-call space. Or we were friends and I invited you to try out my services.

When I first started doing sensual massage, I reached out to the men in my life because I was nervous about seeing strangers.

Those of you who helped me get the hang of my new business and cheered me on... well, you have a special place in my heart.

#4. PERB

7% of you found me on a review site called PERB. 

I saw a good review of me about 1-2 years ago on there but I have no idea if anything else has been said about me since then.

I made the decision to not advertise there anymore or look for reviews about me. I've seen too many providers get devastated by the hurtful comments posted about them on PERB.

I tried advertising on PERB briefly when I first started, but it didn't compare to Leolist in getting me bookings. 

Also, it's expensive and I have to log-in and join the community to really get any traction out of it. I'm a busy mom with no time for that!   

In this survey, one of you specified that a positive PERB review about me is what gave you the push to make a booking with me.

That seems like a good thing and I am grateful for any kind words spoken about me...

...but I'd like to share my feelings about review boards with you all, for a moment...

The thing is, no provider is going to be perfect for everyone.

Right now, there is a positive review about me on PERB. But next week, who knows?

I believe clients should share with each other when they've been ripped off or taken advantage of by someone posing as a professional provider. 

I am in favour of this because I want clients to feel safe when they come to see me. Predators posing as sex workers give my business a bad name.

It's the petty reviews about how the provider smelled or looked or what she was willing or not willing to do... those reviews are repulsive to me.

Just because a provider was not right for you, does not mean she won't be amazing for another person.

We are human beings, so we may not always be at our best no matter how hard we try.

I've had clients who were definitely not ideal for me. But they would be great clients for someone who offers what they're looking for.

I'm not going to make an online review criticizing a client just because the experience was less than perfect for me!

Can you imagine if we (sex workers) posted your phone numbers on some website and rated your looks, breath, personality, and whatever else we could think of to humiliate you and intentionally disrupt your business? 

We don't do that.

And you shouldn't do it either.

Consider this: I am also a client, so I know what it's like to spend a few hundred dollars for a fantasy experience and then be disappointed.

However, I would never trash that provider just because they weren't the right fit for me and what I was looking for.

No! I will give them the respect they deserve and a tip. And then, I will exercise my right to not book with them again.

Someone else might find that provider absolutely perfect for them.

If you want to write a positive review about me, please send it to me as a "testimonial" and I will post it on my website!

#5. Instagram

Only 5% of you said you found me on Instagram. It is a small number and I am relieved to see that because I have deactivated my Instagram account. Their new terms and conditions are ridiculous. 

My next question was about your hair preferences.

I'm growing out my hair and I usually wear a wig for massage sessions. If you saw a photo of me with straight blonde hair and my hair was different when you met me (curly, shorter but still blonde), would you feel disappointed?

Out of 37 respondents to this question, one person preferred long hair. Another said he prefers straight hair and would be disappointed. Two said, maybe it would matter.

33 of you said it would be no problem or that you prefer natural. WIN!

I've decided based on these answers that I will wear my natural hair on good hair days and my wig on bad hair days! LOL

What hours are best for you when seeing a provider?

I was extremely happy to see that the exact hours that I am usually available are the best hours for most of you!

Weekday afternoons are in the lead with weekday mornings coming in a close second. Mornings and afternoons on weekends were next.

These are my hours!

Very rarely, I will do an evening booking for clients. 

However, I am available most weekends because there are amazing clients I want to see who can only see me on the weekends.

What keeps you coming back for more? Why do you see a provider more than once? What is the secret ingredient that makes you crave a certain provider repeatedly?

Connection is the new Boobs! So many of you said “connection” is what keeps you coming back. I gotta agree. It’s what makes me invite you back too!

The next most common trait you are looking for in a provider is comfort. Are you comfortable with me? Or do you have a hard time relaxing? 

Comfort is very important for me too! I can relax and be more horny when I feel comfortable with a client. That’s why I love my regulars so much!

And of course, many of you mentioned chemistry!

Isn’t chemistry amazing? I can usually tell if I have it with a client before he even turns over for his front massage! But sometimes it sneaks up and surprises me. 

What is especially amazing about chemistry is that it is not based on what you are usually attracted to at all. It is chemical. 

So, if you and I wouldn’t normally travel in the same circles or perhaps our age difference is quite pronounced, we could still have incredible chemistry together.

Chemistry is always a welcome bonus when I meet a new client and it’s there. 

Here are some of my favourite responses to this question. I have the best regulars ever!

"It’s quite simple for me... the connection that I have with you. You possess a total package of not only physical beauty but it’s the beauty within you as well. You have such positive energy that it makes me want to come see you especially when I’m not feeling like myself. A visit with you helps me feel good and positive and I value that."

Aww, you make me feel this way too!

"Not to put too fine a point on it... You. Read your own ads. Everything I love about you is in there. Beauty, charm, warmth, kindness, intimate, caring, conversation, closeness, cuddling, and a fucking awesome massage."

I'm so flattered for such kind words. xoxo

"As I said, I have only seen you twice... No secret ingredient Annie, just your personality."

What a wonderful thing to say. Thank you.

"Because you make me feel like we have a special connection. I mean, your skills and your body are amazing. Your face is gorgeous. I love your personality. And all that plus you make me feel like I'm the only one :) even though you talk about other clients, and obviously this is what you do for a living. But still..... I feel like I love you - without being weird about it."

Wow! So much love. I love you too. XOXO

"You are the only provider I have seen more than once, and I intend to see many more times! I'm usually an awkward person when it comes to social situations but I just felt very comfortable around you. When I left my first session with you I could not stop thinking about my time with you and couldn't wait to book another. Your sessions give me exactly the kind of intimate experience I crave that I've not experienced with any other provider before."

Thank you so much! I read this comment over several times because it made me feel so good. I crave that intimate feeling as well.

I asked for regulars to leave their names if they’re comfortable and one of you left an interesting comment but no name and it piqued my curiousity!

Here is the comment: 

"I haven’t seen you and can’t see you. We have mutual friends. I was following you, even planned on seeing you. Then the universe decided different."

Who are you? Who are our mutual friends? Why does it matter that we have mutual friends? And why are you so mysterious?!

Whoever you are, please reach out with these answers!

I had a photo shoot with
Jonny Ray on the weekend!


I had a photo shoot on the weekend with Jonny Ray. It is the first pro shoot I've had since Covid hit.

The images will be ready for next week's blog post!

I used these photos as inspiration for this shoot:

I hope you check them out next week! I think you'll like them. xoxo

Love Annie

Text or Email today!

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