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Vaginas, Sex, and Respect With a Mature Massage Goddess

As an older woman provider, I make assumptions about my clients who come to see me.

I wonder about things like...

Do you see older women providers because you are an older man and you feel more comfortable with a woman closer to your age?

Are you a young man who is attracted to older women?

Have you seen both younger and older providers and noticed any differences?

I would love to hear your experiences by email or text.

As a society, we don't know a lot about women and their sexuality. We are especially devoid of much knowledge surrounding older women's sexuality.

As a young woman, I got the message that beauty is whatever the media of the day says it is. 

I was a rebellious youngster and liked to reject the system. I dressed like a tomboy for years and finally settled on "casual" as my main fashion style.

I was never girly. I am still not good at doing make up, even after all these years stripping and being a sex worker! I don't like to spend time on my hair. I hate shopping.

I am the opposite of what society expects me to be.  They require prettiness with not too much slutty-ness; intelligence but shut the fuck up; and especially, FALL IN LINE!

(Omgoddess, I'm a smart, slutty, mouthy, rebel and maybe a little pretty too. Not your average woman!)

I was a bit promiscuous as a teenager and in my early 20's, in all honesty. I didn't go around bragging about my conquests. And 98% of my lovers never smeared my name either.

I never had a reputation for being a slut although I knew I probably could have, if the young men I played with hadn't been respectful.

I couldn't help it. I was horny. And the young men I slept with seemed to recognize I wasn't doing it for love. It was they who usually wanted more.

Growing up, I heard that women go through their sexual prime in their 30's. Then I heard it was their 40's. 

I was always alarmed to hear these things because I had always been a very sensual, horny woman. I feared it would be too much in my 30's and 40's.

Alas, here I am in my 40's and my sex drive has stayed mostly the same throughout the years; falling with childbirths and health challenges, rising with everything known under the sun that turns me on. LOL

Yet, falling or rising, I always masturbated with my "lawnmower" vibrator. My sex drive was still there. I was just a little tired, is all.

Now, the big question is: Will I lose my sex drive in menopause?

I can't even count how many people have told me about experiencing this in their relationships.

All these years, I have tried to imagine what it would be like to lose my libido... It is unimaginable.

It has always been there and I find it hard to believe I will lose it.

I am grateful to know many women who are going through or have made it through menopause and they are still horny! (My mom is included in this list, so I'm hoping genetics plays a role.)

In recent months, it has become clear to me that I am starting that wonderful process of life.

The signs are there: changes in my cycle and feeling rather too warm some of the time.

So far, I'm still horny as fuck!

But, it seems, I must be more careful with my delicate parts, as I get older.

According to doctors, the walls of my vagina are becoming more fragile and prone to tearing now that I've reached this time in my life.

For this reason, I do not allow deep finger penetration in my vagina. When we play, it is gently and with care.

If you want to have an aggressive play session, I am not the woman for you.

I must make sure I take care of the body I share with you. It is my living to stay healthy down there and up here (in my head).

As I learn more about how my body is changing as an older woman, I will teach you ways to please me and other mature lovers in your life.

I am a woman (Hear me purr)

Last week, I wrote about how much I love client friends - those of you who have been a part of my life for awhile and we "love" each other.

This week, I feel the need to address new clients who are thinking about coming to see me.

Sex workers are human beings first. Sex work is what we do for a living and like any other person, some of us love our jobs and some are ready to find something new.

Personally, I am still in the "love my job" category. I love intimacy. I love teasing. I love naked hugs. I love my clients. I love my job.

However, not all clients are wonderful. Some don't seem to see me as a human. Some see me as a tool to get their needs met, with little concern for how it might make me feel to be treated like some factory-made whore. 

I am a human being; a woman, first. Sex work is not who I am. You are not paying me to do whatever you want. You don't own me for the time you've paid for.

You are paying me for the service I offer and if it's not what you're looking for, then find another provider who provides that service. 

I'm not trying to criticize providers who are fine with these types of clients. Some providers like the guys who come in, get off as fast as they can, and leave. Paid for an hour and done in 15 minutes! 

We all do our work the way we like to do it. I truly believe there is a client market for every provider. There is an endless supply of the kind of men we each individually serve best.

The clients I serve best are respectful, gentle, caring, and they want a sensual massage. They stay for the full hour, chatting after they've climaxed.

I like to be treated with gentleness and care. I like to be given respect by my clients. Our mutual, respectful connection makes things hotter in the massage session.

The way I run my business is not to get as many clients as I can, but to get the best clients possible and keep them coming back. 

I have found my relationships with these kinds of wonderful clients are rewarding and they bring positive energy to my life.

We have so much more fun if we create a respectful interaction from the start.

Ways to respect me:

  • Send me a face photo when you are reaching out to book with me. It helps me feel like I can trust you more.
  • Read my boundaries and rates on my website. I answer a lot of questions there. Then, when you come to see me, please do not try to push my boundaries. Just enjoy my amazing massage and naked hugs and let me work my magic! 
  • Don't stand outside of my building early, waiting for me to let you in. Stay in your car or contact me before you arrive to let me know you're almost here. I will tell you when I am ready, and you can approach the door at that time.
  • PLEASE BE QUIET IN MY BUILDING. If you are a loud talker, I may not be the right provider for you. It is my workspace and I would appreciate for you to not heat me out.
  • Wash your hands very well before you touch my body. The delicate balance of flora in and around my pussy requires this.
  • Wash your ass. I can't tell you how hard it is to get horny from a guy with a smelly ass. Please, please, please wash your asshole. I have a shower available for your use. Your Massage Goddess thanks you.
  • Wash your cock. Get all the smegma out of your foreskin before our session. Wash your balls and perineum area. Make it smell pretty, please.
  • Do not try to take control of the massage session. This is my domain. Please do not try to flip me onto my back or push me around in any direction. Tell me what you want, and I will let you know if your request is approved.
  • If you have a difficult time coming... I will not judge! Please do not ever worry about it. It's very common. Sometimes being TOO HORNY can make it hard to come. Ironic, I know. It's perfectly natural to have some difficulty. But, if you don't think you are going to come or would like to take over the happy ending, please feel free. We can get creative with dirty talk or I can touch myself for you, etc. Don't feel weird about touching yourself in front of me. I watch porn A LOT! Men masturbating is my favourite search.

If the above requests do not fit your idea of a fucking amazing massage session, then please don't book with me.

If they seem reasonable and fit what you're looking for... LET'S DO IT! ;)


Would you ever be interested in paying to hang out for lunch with a lovely, charming Massage Goddess? 

I've had this request and I'm thinking about it. I miss having opportunities to socialize. Perhaps, this is a way we can meet each other's mutual needs for conversation and connection?

We could start with a massage in the morning, then meet for lunch somewhere. Or, if you are worried about Covid and would like to have lunch with me but no naughty fun... that's fine too!

I don't know what I would charge for something like that. But if there is interest, I will look into it more thoughtfully.


Love Annie xoxo

Text or Email today!

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