Monday, March 29, 2021

I Am Being Featured TODAY - photos and interview

"Sexiest Shot of the Week"

TODAY I have the honour of being featured by a Twitter account that promotes women in my industry!

The backstory: On February 28, Workings Girls in the SiXXX on Twitter honoured me with their "Sexiest Shot of the Week Award.

Now, they have invited me to collaborate on Twitter in a daily promotion they do. For one day, they will share photos and little tidbits about me based on the questions and answers I'm sharing with you today!

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Here are the questions they asked me and my answers. This is only available for my subscribers and whomever stumbles upon my site!

1. How would you describe yourself?

I am a mature, tiny, ex-dancer with a strong, little body and tattoos.


2. Do you work for an agency, spa or are you independent?

I am an independent Massage Goddess


3. What city is your home base?

I work out of an apartment studio in White Rock, BC.


Tiny, tatted, dancer

4. How can a guy impress you?

A man can impress me by treating me with respect and kindness, and paying close attention to hygiene. If he can carry an intelligent conversation, he will impress me even more. I love a man who confidently gives his viewpoint without being attached to my viewpoint. This is a special gift during these crazy days right now with all the division happening in the world. Men who can rise above the division and accept all of our differences with respect and kindness; these are the men I admire the most. (and women too)


5. What turns you on?

What turns me on changes from moment-to-moment and day-to-day, but right now the thing that really turns me on is freedom. Not just the idea of freedom. There are all these hot men on social media standing up for freedom – they are my biggest turn on these days. I am also very turned on by naked hugs from gentle, nice-smelling men.


Beep beep!

6. Lights on or off?

I prefer the lights ON! ALWAYS! However, I do like a little mood lighting to help my client and I feel comfortable and not under glaring light. I also have mirrors in my massage studio, so clients can watch me while I massage them. The mirrors are hot!


7. What is your favourite outfit to wear for an evening of fun?

An evening of fun for me is a night out dancing or dinner with friends at a nice restaurant. I go for a tank top and jeans, for the most part. But I do love to put on a sexy, little dress once in a while.


8. What is your ideal date?

My ideal date is a ride on a motorcycle or in a car with the top down. The sun is shining and we’re going to the beach. If naughty fun is in the works, I’d rather save eating for later and have fun in the afternoon. Then a nice dinner with some intelligent conversation would end the date perfectly.


Naughty me a few years back

9. What is your favourite part of your body?

My favourite part of my body is my skin. It’s soft and sensitive and love the amazing endorphins I feel when I press my naked body against another person, skin-to-skin.


10. How do you think your repeat clients would describe you?

My regulars tell me I am sexy, intelligent, and that I leave them smiling for days. They leave me smiling for days too, so I think we have a great deal. Some of my regulars emphasize that they enjoy the intimacy of our massage sessions; that they don’t find that intimacy with others in their lives. I am very honoured to be the one who does that for them.


11. What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part of the job is the teasing. I love feeling like a horny teenager all over again. I also love the friendships I have with really special clients.


12. What is a fantasy you have?

I have a fantasy that our world will experience a safe sex revolution, and everyone will want to play as safely as possible; leading to mass safe play orgies all over the world. Haha! Wouldn’t that be amazing?


13. Are there any other providers you love to work with?

I don’t have any other providers I’m currently working in the massage studio with. But I am working with several other sex workers to advance health and safety of sex workers in Canada. I’ve been an activist for sex workers rights for over 20 years.


14. What is the one thing you do that drives a gentleman wild?

Obviously, my massage techniques drive a man wild, but you know what I think really drives a man wild? My smile! I am a happy, horny woman and I smile all the time. I often find my clients smiling back at me. They tell me, “You are so hot, I love your smile.”


15. Do you have any embarrassing traits?

I catch myself humming or singing to the music during massage sessions sometimes, and that’s embarrassing. I have surgery scars which I wouldn’t say I’m insecure about, but I wonder if they will turn off my clients.


16. What advice do you have for new clients?

My advice for new clients is to be thoughtful about choosing a provider. Take your time, check out their online presence. If they seem like a good fit for you, follow their instructions for booking. If you are a submissive, go see a domme. If you are a fetish guy, go see a fetish provider. Don’t try to make a massage goddess into a domme. Respect boundaries and above all else, hygiene!


17. Do you have any quirky skills that you're low key proud of?

I am low-key proud of the fact that I write fiction novels in my spare time.


18. What is your best quality?

I think my best quality is my unconditional love. I come to this work having experienced a lot of trauma and discrimination in my life. Because of that, I am compassionate and non-judgmental. I see my clients as whole people. There is so much I don’t know about them or what led them to my studio that day. I think my clients can feel my unconditional love when they come to me. This enables them to be vulnerable and intimate with me.


19. What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is seeing male sex workers. I think it’s exciting to experience the thrill of being a client. It also helps me understand the client perspective. And, of course, I love having naughty fun with a sexy, professional male provider.


20. Do you have any projects or websites you'd like to share?

We are about to launch our social enterprise @TNTNakedTruth to support health and safety for sw’s in Canada. I founded The Naked Truth in 2001 and I’ve reinvented the site in partnership with two sex worker colleagues in the industry. @susandavis15 @velvetsteele The website is found at but please “bare” with us as it is still being completed.


If you're on Twitter, I hope you check out the Working Girls in the SiXXX and support their day of honouring ME!

Much love and naked hugs to you. xoxo

 Love Annie

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