Saturday, March 6, 2021

What is Fantasy and What is Reality During a Session With Me?

How do you imagine your fantasy woman to be?

Does she answer the door in lingerie and high heels?

Is she horny all the time? 

Is she impeccably clean?

Does she have a positive attitude and is always smiling?

Does she tell you how sexy you are and what she finds interesting about you?

Is she an amazing cook?

An interesting conversationalist?

Does she agree with everything you say, or is she a strong woman with a mind of her own?

What is your fantasy woman?

The experience I provide to you is a fantasy.

Our real life partners could never live up to our fantasy expectations.

My boyfriend sees me when I am tired or sad. 

He sees me with no make-up and frizzy hair.

He sees my puffy eyes and snotty nose when I'm crying.

He comes home to a dirty kitchen and an untidy house because I spent the day working and writing.

Then he makes dinner, usually, because I am a terrible cook.

When I am tired from work and don't feel like sex, he is the one I didn't have naughty fun with that day.

When I lose my shit, my boyfriend is the one who has to put up with me and talk me down. (Not easy!)

My boyfriend sees me sick.  He sees me at my weakest.

I would never work sick or allow you to see me weak and pitiful.

Many of you know, I am prone to rants.

I will rant on a topic I am passionate about, and it may feel like an explosion for my listeners. I am energetically powerful. My rants affect people.

I know this, but I can't help it. (Sorry!)

If you witness a rant, at least it's only for the short duration of our appointment.

My boyfriend has to accept my rants could happen at anytime. LOL

If he is pissing me off, you can be sure I will tell him.

Do you like being told you're pissing someone off?

In my massage sessions, only once have I ever expressed to a client that he is pissing me off.

Usually, I will try to get through a difficult booking with as much leading and kindness as possible - then never take that client back again.

I don't have to have those hard conversations with clients because that's not what I'm here for.

I'm not here to be real. I am here to provide a fantasy.

If I don't feel safe or comfortable with a client, I won't see him again. 

If my boyfriend upsets me, he's still going to be here in two hours. We're going to have to resolve our shit sooner or later.

This is reality.

When you are with me, I provide a fantasy experience.

Before you arrive, I make sure that my studio is dust free and clean.

I set oil to warming.

I bathe myself meticulously. 

I put perfume on the outsides of my body, so those parts don't touch yours.

I brush my teeth, put makeup on, and sanitize the studio.

I get dressed in lingerie and high heels. 

I start thinking about things that make me horny.

When our massage session begins, you are my entire focus. Your comfort. Your relaxation. Your pleasure.

I set the mood with lighting and music.

From beginning to end of session, you are the center of my existence.

It is this fantasy, this luxury experience, that makes people like you and me pay for it.

When I hire a provider, I am looking for certain qualities I will more likely find from a professional.

My date will focus entirely on me. He will make me feel desirable and sexy.

He will not try to talk me out of condoms (like a one-night-stand would). 

He will respect my boundaries, because I am paying him to do so.

He will be my fantasy man for an hour or so.

That's all well and good, but you may ask, what is real during our sessions?

Are the compliments I pay you for real?

Am I really enjoying myself, or is it an act?

Am I attracted to you?

I will answer these questions...

Are the compliments I pay you for real?

I can assure you that I do not lie during sessions.

I say what I feel and believe, damn the consequences!

(I can't even help it. I'm one of those people.)

I have probably offended some of you with my opinions. Yet, you still came back. (Thank you.)

You know that my opinions, right or wrong, are just a part of what makes me unique.

You still love me, even if I am flawed in some ways in your eyes.

That is the kind of love I have for you.

You may have an opinion I disagree with, but I will respect you for sharing your perspective.

I like to think I'm open-minded, so perhaps you will sway me to your viewpoint.

When I pay you compliments, I am sincere. 

One of the amazing things about sensual massage is the vulnerability of being naked in close proximity to one another. It helps us see the beauty inside each other too.

To be vulnerable is to be beautiful, don't you think?

I think you are beautiful.

Am I really enjoying myself, or is it an act?

Thankfully, I am very in touch with my body and it comes naturally to enjoy myself during a session.

I also find it very difficult to pretend. I am not a natural actress.

Sometimes when I am with a new client that I won't take back again, I think about giving him a shitty massage so he never tries to come back. LOL 

But I am a professional, and I always provide the most professional service possible. It may not be the best massage I've ever given, but it will the best I can do under the circumstances.

If I appear to be enjoying myself during a session, it is likely because I am feeling relaxed and comfortable with you... and I really am enjoying myself. (Thank you very much!)

How can what we're doing not be pleasurable for me? 

I'm a horny, sensual woman!

Am I attracted to you?

I am human and have had my own insecurities about lot of things. 

I understand why some people may feel a bit insecure being naked in front of me.

I get nervous when a super hot client walks in! 

Feeling vulnerable or insecure at the start of a session is completely normal.

It's my job to help you relax. It's your job to relax.

Try to focus on the feeling of my hands on your body. 

Push away thoughts of insecurity.

Am I attracted to you? I very well could be!

Even if I wasn't immediately attracted when you walked in the door, we may have chemistry once our skin touches.

I've learned in this work, that physical traits do not determine how horny I get or how attracted I am to a man.

Things that I find attractive and make me horny:

  • intelligence
  • smiling
  • sense of humour
  • clean and odor-free
  • gentle touch
  • respect, kindness, tenderness
  • open-mindedness

Your skin colour, weight, muscles, body hair, etc... those things don't matter to me.

You know that saying:  

"Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." 

I live by that philosophy.

And, it works in reverse.

I don't mind you because you matter to me. xo

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Love Annie xoxo

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  1. Very sensible and even powerful advice that extends FAR beyond a sensual massage session!! People should listen to this advice for their own lives every day.

  2. This is a great statement. Happy International Women's Day.


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