Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Naked Retreat Story I Didn't Tell You (X-Rated)

I was alone in a cabin in the woods.

I had no wifi or cell service. Just me and my music, in the tiny cabin; and the sounds of the forest whenever I stepped outside the door.

Imagine my surprise, on the second night, when I heard footsteps thumping on the porch and a loud rap on the door.

I didn't feel safe opening the door (and I was naked), so I asked timidly, "Who's there?"

"Hello there, Miss," said a deep voice. "My truck broke down and I followed the light from your windows here. May I use your phone? My cell doesn't seem to have service."

"I'm sorry," I replied. "I have no phone here." Then I realized my mistake. I had told this strange man that I had no way of calling for help. I thought fast ... "My husband is returning any moment."

"That's great, Miss," he said. "Would your husband possibly have some tools I could borrow? I think I can fix it myself if I have a flashlight and a wrench."

I didn't know what to say now. There was no husband coming back any moment. I was completely alone and naked. Loathe to leave the man outside while I wondered what would happen next, I decided to confront the situation head on. I pulled on a t-shirt and sweat pants and opened the door.

"Come in," I said. "You can wait in here until my husband arrives." I thought I would feel out the situation and be ready to run to my car at moment's notice if needed.

"Thank you very much," he replied. He walked in, took off his shoes, and sat at the tiny kitchen table. I made us both tea and we settled in.

The man's name was Adam. We made small talk and I learned that he was on his way home from working out of town.

Adam kept glancing at the window as we spoke. "Are you in a hurry?" I asked him.

"Well, not really," he said. "It's just that I'm looking forward to seeing my son."

He shared some more about his personal life and seemed to relax a little. He stopped glancing at the window so much, as our conversation became more easy and interesting. An hour slipped by.

Adam turned out to be very intelligent. I find intelligence super sexy. And, you know me, I am a chatterbox when someone has interesting things to say. We conversed animatedly, laughing and enjoying the exchange.

I admit I was stalling because I was embarrassed to tell Adam the truth about my absent husband. I wondered what he would do about his broken down truck.

We hit a pause in the conversation and silence spread out between us for a moment. My music had stopped and I hadn't noticed till now. I felt reasonably sure at this point that Adam was not a serial killer.

"Adam," I said. "I have to confess that I don't actually have a husband returning any moment. I rented this cabin for a solitary retreat. I'm here by myself and I don't have any tools with me."

Adam's face registered surprise, then he started laughing as he realized the full implications of my confession. "You didn't want a stranger to know you're alone! I get it," he said. I smiled back and thanked him for understanding.

"I'm not sure what you're going to do now about your truck," I said. My horny little mind was already trying to think of ways to get Adam to sleep over. 

"I could drive you into town in the morning, if you don't mind staying the night. I passed an automotive garage in the little town I passed through on my way here," I said.

Adam nodded his head and seemed to ponder his options. I ventured a mischievous grin in his direction, hoping he was feeling what I was feeling. Our eyes connected. I saw heat reflected in his.

"If you're sure you don't mind," Adam said, reaching back and rubbing his neck. 

"I don't mind at all," I replied. "In fact, I welcome the company. To be honest, I was getting a little lonely." (Plus, I had forgotten my vibrator.)

I noticed Adam continued to rub his neck, but I didn't want to blatantly offer him a massage. I wanted to stretch out the horny, teasing energy that was sizzling in the air between us. 

I knew the longer we tortured ourselves, the hotter it would be when our bodies finally came together.

I began by reaching out and touching his knee when said something funny; grabbing his hand to look for a wedding ring (he said he was divorced). 

Each time our skin touched innocently, liquid fire scorched me between the legs and my nipples hardened. I didn't have a mirror in the kitchen, but I wondered if my nipples were noticeable to Adam through my t-shirt.

I started to tidy up the kitchen table so I could have the excuse to lean over him and brush against his arm. I put my massage playlist on to set the mood, and danced around the kitchen wishing I was dressed in something much more sexy.

Adam didn't stop smiling. I didn't stop smiling. We both knew what we were going to do that night. But neither of us acknowledged it out loud. It was so hot!

After awhile of flirting and talking and smiling, I said: "I've noticed you rubbing your neck, Adam. It just so happens that I am a Massage Goddess. Would you like to feel my magic touch?"

Adam said he would love a massage. I instructed him to take off his shirt and sit backwards in his chair, while I warmed up some coconut oil.

I started on his upper back and shoulders. Adam slowly began to relax under my touch. I "accidentally" leaned forward to press my nipples against his back when I needed some leverage with my massage techniques. 

I brushed my nipples lightly against his back, through my shirt, when I wasn't pressing myself against him. I had no idea if he knew how aroused I was. But I was fucking aroused!

I massaged him for about twenty minutes; the whole while my pussy throbbed with desire and my nipples strained against the fabric of my t-shirt. 

I had my arms around Adam, massaging his chest muscles, when he grabbed one of my hands. He pulled it to his racing heart, then kissed my knuckles and let go. As I recovered from his touch, Adam stood up and turned around in his chair.

"How about I give you a little massage now," he said. He gently pulled me down to sit on his lap facing away from him. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans pressing against my ass. 

I pulled my shirt over my head to expose my naked back. 

After pouring coconut oil onto his hands, Adam began to massage my shoulders down to my lower back and then back up again. 

He rubbed me with deliciously slow strokes, pressing his thumbs into places on my back that were somehow connected to my pussy. 

I leaned back into his hands and felt his stubble on my neck. Adam moved his hands around me to cup and gently massage my breasts, lightly grazing my nipples with the tips of his fingers. 

I felt like I was literally melting into a puddle of pre-orgasmic wonder.

When I could take no more, I turned around, got down on my knees and pulled Adam's jeans down. His cock stood at attention, looking eager and ready. 

I couldn't help it; I took Adam's cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock into the back of my throat, then teased the tip of it with my tongue. Adam groaned with pleasure. 

We were both very turned on, but we had all night and didn't want this to end too soon. We took our naked selves to the bedroom. 

Adam lit lamps around the room. I pulled back the blankets and invited Adam to join me on the bed.

Over the next several hours, we played. We massaged each other. We kissed and teased. 

Neither of us came prepared for a sexual encounter. We had no condoms. However much we wanted to fuck, we couldn't be irresponsible. 

There were many moments when I was at the precipice of pushing my cunt onto his cock. But I stopped myself. 

Adam was equally respectful, though it was obvious he was willing to forego responsibility if I let him.

I had orgasm after orgasm; against his hand, against my hand, against his face. 

I leaned over his body in the woman-on-top position, massaging his cock between my legs. It was right there. I could sit on it at any moment. 

Our lips crashed against each other, as we kissed hungrily and passionately. We were filled with unresolved arousal. 

I wanted Adam to feel the pleasure he was showering on me in giant orgasmic waves. It was his turn to come. I said as much and Adam asked me to get on my hands and knees. I trusted him, so I bent into the doggie style position.

"Your back is so sexy," Adam said, as he squeezed my ass cheek with one hand and grabbed my waist with the other. 

Getting up close, Adam kept a firm grip on my ass, and began to stroke his cock inches away from my pussy and ass.

I imagined the tip of his cock coming so close as to almost touch my pussy. It was so hot!

I felt Adam's "come energy" before he actually came. His increased excitement turned me on so much, I reached between my legs with one hand to hold my throbbing clit.

When Adam came, his body went very rigid. His hand squeezed my hip, as he braced his thrusting hips against my ass. His cock pushed against the crack of my ass, and I felt it swelling and pushing as bursts of come splashed across my back. 

We were both in a state of shock, I think. Our passion had been so intensely urgent and we had acted without shame or reservation. It took a few minutes to come back to the present and collect our wits. 

Adam grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned off my back, kissing the back of my neck while he did it. Then we cuddled on the bed, chatting quietly until we fell asleep.

The next morning we showered and made love again. Again, we could not stop smiling or kissing. Mid-morning, I drove him into town and said goodbye. 

We didn't exchange phone numbers or last names. We knew we would never see each other again.

The memory alone, however, will fuel my masturbation fantasies for years to come.

This concludes the naked retreat story I didn't tell you. The reason I didn't tell you is because it is a fantasy! 

I made this story up in my head while I was touching myself this morning. I hope you enjoyed the naughty scenes that go on in my imagination!

Love Annie

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  1. I think I’m going to go re-read that. Might bring a bottle of lube to the party, that was a fun read...


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