Rates and Services

Hello gentlemen,

My name is Annie and I am a mature, tattooed, Caucasian, ex-stripper. 

My body can be described as lean and muscular with small, nice breasts and a round ass. 

I also have tattoos on my arms and back. View my gallery for photos.

I provide attentive, caring, sensual massage.

I have strong hands and long nails. You can expect to feel amazing when I'm through with you. 

What I Offer:

Super Sexy Bed Massage w/ Happy Ending

1 Hour: $200
1.5 Hour: $300
2 Hours: $400
Tips are appreciated but not expected. xo 

My Super Sexy Bed Massage involves lots of skin-on-skin contact and mirrors surrounding the bed.  

Watch me as I climb all over your body massaging your parts.

I incorporate love energy into every massage treating you with tenderness and creating an atmosphere of intimacy.

I will make you feel completely at ease with my genuine smile and my desire to enjoy myself too! 

CLICK HERE for more reasons to book a massage with me. ;)

I ask that YOU are sober, clean in all the important spots, and that you treat me with respect and kindness during our sessions.

Contact me by text or email to book a session. Please include your name, a short introduction, and when you would like to book a session. 

I require a selfie face photo to book with me. This is for my safety and will not be shared with anyone. I will send a photo of me back to you. xo 

Note: I do not offer lapdances anymore - sorry guys! Extra long amazing massages are still worth it!

See below for FAQ and contact info.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect?

You can expect a deep massage, back and scalp scratching, lots of skin-to-skin contact, a short girl crawling over you to get the best angles for massage, interesting and engaging conversation, honesty, kindness, respect, and love energy. 

If this is your first time, or you'd like a refresher about what to expect, read more at this link.

Can I trust you? 

My relationship with you must be built on trust and mutual respect. You trust me not to out you. And I trust you not to out me. 

I will never share personal, identifying info about you with others. And I ask you to do the same.

Can I touch you?

Mutual touching is allowed with conditions, as long as you are not aggressive in any way and all touching is gentle and respectful. xxx

I do not kiss; or give/ receive oral sex. There is no direct genital contact involved. No finger penetration.

I do not provide full service.

This is an STI safe experience for both of us.  

Please cut your nails before our appointment. xo

Can I call or text you between appointments?

No and yes! 

Please feel free to send me texts to get to know each other before our first booking.

Regulars are encouraged to keep in touch and send me messages. If I'm busy and cannot chat, I will let you know (by not responding, lol ~ sorry!).

I have a family and a square job, so all phone calls go to voicemail, which I rarely check.

Will you send me sexy pics?

Subscribe for free to this website with your email address if you'd like me to send you sexy photos and naughty erotic stories written by me. 

You can opt out of this anytime you want. 

You also have the option to send me sexy pics of yourself (paying clients only).

Will you come to me?

I prefer incall but if you have a disability that prevents you from using stairs, I will consider coming to you. I try to avoid rush hour traffic for longer distances and a $100 travel fee may apply.

Can I come to you?

Yes! I have a very nice massage studio with music, mood lighting, shower facilities, and free street parking. 

However, I am not wheelchair accessible

There are two flights of stairs to get to my studio, so if you struggle with stairs, it will be better for me to come to you.

If you don't have sex, how do I get a happy ending?

Massage is the word of the day, gentlemen. I will massage all of you with my hands. 

This is an STI safe, respectful, caring, enjoyable experience.

What if I can't come?

Sometimes you may find it difficult to find release, especially if it is your first time with me. We can work together to make it happen. 

If you don't come by the end of our session, no worries. You will still have had an amazing and intimate experience. I will not be offended or upset. 

Human touch and connection is the most important part of our experience together.

How much notice do you need?

It is very rare that I can take clients on short notice,  however you may luck out and catch me when I've just had a cancellation. It's worth a try.

I usually need at least 2-3 hours notice and you'll honestly have better luck if you book 1-2 days in advance or more.

If you contact me late at night, I will not answer as I do not work late at night. 

If you text me when I am busy and it has been more than an hour since you sent your message, I will not respond.

I don't want to send a text at a potentially bad time for you.

However, I respond to emails when I get the chance and that could happen at any time.

How to get on "Annie's Fave List"...

If you are one of my favourite clients, I will always try to fit you in. I will go out of my way, if I can, for those of you I love the most.

To become one of my favourites, do some or all of the following: 
  • Book in advance whenever possible.
  • Instead of cancelling, re-schedule!
  • Do not pressure me to go outside my boundaries.
  • Consider offering me a tip if you enjoyed our session!
  • Be gentle when you touch me.
I always remember my favourites. XOX




Cleanliness is King:

Shower directly before our appointment. 

Also, please... 

Brush your teeth, and pay attention to
breath, armpits, crotch, ass, feet.

My shower is available for your use. Clean your ears and wash your hair too please!


To screen clients, I like your name, a short intro, and selfie face photo. 

I will require more information if I'm coming to you.

This information is kept absolutely private. 

I share the location and appointment time with a friend immediately before massage sessions for my safety. 

I check in with my friend before and after the appointment (and sometimes during, if it is a long appointment).

I will never share personal, identifying info about you with others.  

(The only exception would be if you assault me, harass me, or threaten my safety in some way. In this case, I will report you to the police to prevent you from hurting other sex workers too.)

Respect My Time:

If you are early: Please text me before buzzing to make sure I'm ready to receive you. Your session begins when you enter my studio, so if we start earlier than originally agreed, then we will also end earlier than originally agreed.

If you are late: I may be able to extend our time to equal the full hour if I do not have another obligation right away but I cannot promise. Expect the appointment to end at the originally agreed upon time. 

If you must cancel: It happens, I get it. But if you cancel 2-3 times, I will stop taking your calls. If you really want to make it up to me, I'll accept a $50 reinstatement fee by e-transfer to confirm your next booking. This is in addition to your donation.

If you have not confirmed: Please respect that I cannot hold your spot on a "Maybe." You can ask me about availability, but unless you confirm, you may not get in to see me.

Please remember that our first session is an interview. If you are disrespectful, aggressive, or I get a bad vibe in any way, I will end the appointment at worst or will never book with you again at best.

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to having a mutually enjoyable experience with you. xo 

MORE ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS LIKE "DO YOU WEAR A MASK" HERE: http://www.hallelujahannie.com/2020/09/answers-to-frequently-asked-questions.html

Articles I wish every client would read! http://www.hallelujahannie.com/p/your-fantasies.html 

Text or Email to book a massage today!

New Hours: Daily 10-4
Advance booking is recommended. xo


  1. I can't believe I haven't booked with you yet and experienced a massage with you. Absolutely stunning and beautiful. Got to get my shit together and cum and see you.


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