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I LOVE writing all kinds of things, including erotic literature! I  thought you might like to read some of my stuff...

I hope you enjoy! ;) XXX

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My Fucking Hero
(Rescue Fantasy)

Annie Gets a Sensual Massage with a Happy Ending
(Self Care Multiple Orgasm Fantasy)

(Sexual trade for mechanical services fantasy)

I Don't Just See Dead People...I Fuck Them Too
(Spectrophilia Fantasy)

Hotel Sex Part One: Loud Fuckers
(Hot Marriage Sex Fantasy)

She Needed A Man to Take Control and Give It To Her Hard
(Light Domination Fantasy)

Things Get Heated When a Wife Catches Her Man With Me!
(Threesome Fantasy)

Would You F*ck Your Best Friend's Wife, If He Asked?
(Double Penetration Fantasy)


How to Sexually Arouse and Satisfy A Woman
Answers to Your Most Common Questions
How True Are Some Common Myths About Sex Workers?
Your First Time With A Sex Worker? 

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